Monday, June 20, 2011


Welcome to Acu-Orthopedics & Metabolic Clinic were we not only specialize in acute and chronic injuries, sports medicine and pain management but, we also have a passion for treating cases of internal medicine (Gastro-Intestinal issues), autoimmune conditions, metabolic dysfunction, as well as endocrine and fertility dis-regulation.  Another passion is our need to teach patients how their body works and how this complex system can be easily understood so that you’re not left in the dark when it comes to understanding how to utilize preventative maintenance to maintain all aspects of your mental and physical health. We have a very well rounded practice utilizing Eastern treatments such as acupuncture, topical and internal herbal formulas, tui na (oriental physical therapy), myo-facial release, PNF stretching, cupping, and cold laser therapy, as well as Western diagnostic techniques such as blood tests and saliva tests, to scientifically chart your improvement and tailor to your health care needs. Be proactive and educated about your health, and let us show you how to live a healthier and happier life.

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